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Magnolia Home Inspections Brings a Fresh Approach to Home Inspections

Magnolia Home Inspections, based in Nashville, TN, is quickly making a name in the Middle Tennessee Housing Market. Founded in 2015 by Benjamin Hammond, Magnolia Home Inspections is bringing a fresh approach to the industry.

“When I set out to start Magnolia Home Inspections, I was amazed by the lack of a holistic approach to home inspections. Most inspectors providing inspections for my friends and family were working off of a simple checklist provided by the State of Tennessee.” said  “The home inspection checklist is intended to be a minimum requirement yet is currently being used as the industry standard. The minimum standard did not require the home inspector, hired by my buddy Ryan, to get on a roof and include bad flashing in the report that would eventually leak 3 months after he took  ownership of the home.  Other people tell me similar home inspection horror stories almost everyday!”

Leveraging his 15 years of experience in residential construction contracting to help identify potential problems and set realistic maintenance associated with the purchase of a property, is able to address the questions that most homeowners just don’t know to ask during an inspection.

I started Magnolia Home Inspections after being asked by friends and family to come in behind their home inspector after they had made an offer on a home.  As a contractor, it was obvious that there was very few people qualified to be consulting my friends and family on such a huge investment. There was a host of issues and information that drastically affected the value of the home that were missed because it was not a box to check OFF on the inspector’s standard checklist.  This lazy approach is bad for all parties: buyers, sellers and realtors. At best, this checklist mentality is similar to a doctor who only treats a symptom of an illness. My passion is to bring qualified experience to the market using my background in residential construction to identify the issues (illnesses) of a home and talk transparently about the cures (minor and severe). Delivering service with the necessary context prepares my clients for successful long-term ownership.”

“I love the opportunity to share my experience, tell a few stories, and give a transparent perspective of a property. Ultimately, I’m preparing my clients with a holistic look at the property in order to help them make the most informed, educated decision possible. Being transparent and addressing issues in the light with the experience necessary, educating everyone involved to the true nature of the problem, is a service that buyers, sellers, and realtors should expect from every home inspection.

Magnolia Home Inspections has been operational for over 5 years, and the demand for their type of inspection is surprising, even to.  “To say we have been busy is an understatement. I knew we had a good service and we were filling a big need, but the response has been truly overwhelming. I think it speaks to the fact that both realtors and homebuyers are looking for a true third-party partner in the home buying process. We are honored to fill that need!”

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Save 10% with Bundle Package

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