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Did you enjoy the resources provided here? Magnolia’s Newsletter is a monthly resource for Nashville Realtors with curated up-to-date educational materials to help you along the way.

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When Relationships Matter Most

Home Inspection
Report in 1 Business Day +
Same Day Radon Report
10% OFF
Bundle includes:
Comprehensive Home Inspection
Termite Inspection
Radon Analysis
Home Inspection
Report in 1 Business Day
Starting at $425
Comprehensive inspection of all
major components of the home:
Exterior & Interior
Electrical & Plumbing
Heating & Cooling
The Magnolia Difference:
We guarantee your clients will be equipped for successful home ownership. The construction background of every inspector on our team helps facilitate a stress-free professional conversation about the facts of a home inspection report while focusing on the most important aspect – good customer service.  We listen to client concerns and fears, addressing those with our experience with those issues hopefully painting a clear picture of the manageable next-action steps to resolving the issue.  
This is often the first question I am asked from new realtors. The answer is no, we do not coach our inspectors to have a ‘save the day’ attitude, or to present themselves as experts or as the superman that many unqualified home inspectors so much want to be. It is against our core values to take advantage of a home-buyer’s vulnerability during a home inspection to champion such selfish interests. Words do matter and we communicate from a construction industry perspective, talking in practical terms about the defects found on a home, to educate our clients on professional repairs versus typical home maintenance responsibilities
We believe that we have a professional responsibility to serve home buyers with the same strong work ethic as their agent. Nashville is a tough market for Buyer’s Agents. Hard working agents don’t often get a day off and we respect your invest in the relationship with the home buyer that may have included 30 or 40 showings over a period of over a year. We deliver professionalism with the utmost respect for your time from scheduling, home-buyer consultation, to report delivery and creation of repair addendum.
Detailed Digital Report in 24hrs
Easy to read, actionable recommendations & color photos right when you need it.
Digital Repair Addendums
Want more free-time? Cut and Paste Directly from Our Reports to Create the Repair Addendum
Inspection Day Radon Results
Equipment is Pre-Set for Inspection Day Results.
Concierge Service
$75 Concierge Fee*
Let Magnolia do the Tedious Work for You!  We will schedule and provide finalized paperwork for the following:
HVAC Technical Inspection
Pool & Spa Inspection
Septic Inspections
Structural Engineers
*Cost of tech service paid directly to individual provider at the time of inspection
Magnolia Core Values
We are Protectors
We Pause to Educate
We Celebrate as a Team because We Win as a Unit’
We Don’t Take Ourselves Too Seriously

Because We Win As A Unit

Did you enjoy the resources provided here?
Magnolia’s Newsletter is a monthly resource for Nashville Realtors with curated up-to-date real estate news, tips, events &
educational materials to help you along the way.