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Benjamin Hammond
Owner, Lead Inspector

As a residential contractor I was being asked by friends and family to come in behind numerous home inspectors to give my opinion. My friends and family had one very specific frustration – they did not trust their home inspector. Imagine paying a professional consultation fee to an individual with zero practical knowledge about the industry in which you will be making the largest financial investment most of us ever make in a lifetime. I genuinely felt that not only were my friends and family being taken advantage of, they were also being put at great risk. Magnolia Home Inspections was created to use my residential remodel, renovation and remediation experience to serve people in need of honest, professional support. I love what I do today! I am having more fun as a home-buyer consultant than I ever have in my career. The opportunity to share my experience, tell a few funny stories about construction site events, provide a transparent perspective on a structure, and ultimately prepare my clients to make the most informed, confident decision possible is very fulfilling. I especially love working with first-time home buyers who have more questions and are more receptive to explanations on why maintenance, unique to every home, is so important. Give us a chance to prepare your home buying clients for home ownership and become a part of the Magnolia family!

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Magnolia Core Values
Long-term security of our clients is our highest mission
We Serve all of our clients like family
Commitment towards
excellence & attention to detail
Celebrating as a team because we win as a unit
The Magnolia Difference:
Our goal is to maintain positive momentum through the home inspection process, separating typical repairs from the few important issues that require actionable steps. We believe that real estate is a people business and connecting on a personal level is part of our work ethos. Not only do we make ourselves available after an inspection to any off-the-wall questions we also are available to refer local contractors for future renovations and home maintenance or emergency repairs that come up.
This is often the first question I am asked from new realtors. The answer is no, we do not coach our inspectors to have a ‘save the day’ attitude, or to present themselves as experts or as the superman that many unqualified home inspectors so much want to be. It is against our core values to take advantage of a home-buyer’s vulnerability during a home inspection to champion such selfish interests. Words do matter and we communicate from a construction industry perspective, talking in practical terms about the defects found on a home, to educate our clients on professional repairs versus typical home maintenance responsibilities
We believe that we have a professional responsibility to serve home buyers with the same strong work ethic as their agent. Nashville is a tough market for Buyer’s Agents. Hard working agents don’t often get a day off and we respect your invest in the relationship with the home buyer that may have included 30 or 40 showings over a period of over a year. We deliver professionalism with the utmost respect for your time from scheduling, home-buyer consultation, to report delivery and creation of repair addendum.
Concierge Service
$75 Concierge Fee*
Realtors & Home Buyers prefer our 5 Star Concierge Service, providing Schedule Coordination, Follow Up & Special Partner Pricing for additional inspection needs:
HVAC Technical Inspection
Pool & Spa Inspection
Septic Inspections
Structural Engineers
*Cost of tech service paid directly to individual provider at the time of inspection
Magnolia University
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