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Benjamin Hammond
Benjamin Hammond

Robbie S- Realtor, Village Real Estate

“I’ve referred Magnolia Home Inspections to many of my clients going through the home buying process, and I was just recently able to use their services for my own personal home purchase. Not only are they thorough in their inspections, but they are also extremely organized and timely in scheduling and report of findings.  Walking through the home after the inspection, Benjamin (the owner) thoroughly explains areas of concern and happily answers any questions.  I HIGHLY recommend using Magnolia Home Inspections for your next inspection!”

When was the last time you worked with a home inspector that was a positive as the experience Robbie at Village Real Estate just described? If it’s been a long time (or never), then maybe you should hire Magnolia Home Inspections for your next client home inspection.

Magnolia Home Inspections is one of the top rated Home Inspection Companies in Nashville. And we aren’t your average home inspectors. In fact, we do things a lot differently, including:

1. No state issued checklist

Most home inspectors in Nashville show up to an inspection with a state issued checklist as their guide. Remember, this checklist is the minimal requirement by state law that they are required to do. Does that sound like a good plan to protect what’s likely the largest investment your clients will make in their life? Magnolia Home Inspections doesn’t think so. In fact, we don’t work off a state issued checklist at all. Instead we go beyond the minimum required by law and offer the most thorough home inspection in Nashville! With our background in residential remodeling and construction, we can look beyond the superficial issues and take a holistic view of the home and property, often noticing structural or building issues many Home Inspectors simply aren’t qualified to notice. This leads us to our 2nd differentiator, which is…

2. Most thorough reports in the industry (30 pages vs 12 pages)

The average home inspection report is 12 pages. Magnolia Home Inspections average report is 30 pages. Why the big difference? Simple: Our inspectors have a background in residential remodeling and construction. As stated above, we take a holistic approach to home inspections. We look at the whole property, looking for anything that may be an issue after the purchase. Again, we realize that buying a home is the biggest financial decision many of us will ever make. By looking at the property through this frame, we fill that a detailed report like ours shouldn’t be a luxury, it should be a necessity.

3. Face to face explanation

After we finish inspecting a home, we encourage the buyer to meet us at the property so we can go over our findings. This allows us to show (not tell) your client what issues we uncovered, how we would recommend they proceed, and what all can be expected in order to get the problems resolved. Maybe it’s cracks in the walls, maybe it’s water damage in basement, or maybe it’s flashing issue on the roof. Whatever it is, having the client there so they can see what we see has proven to better educate all parties about the home in question.

What Realtors are Saying

Jay B – Realtor

“I’m a rural real estate professional, and called Magnolia Home Inspections to inspect a log home on a large, very remote property.  He found the location without any problem, and was in and out on schedule.  The service exceeded expectations, and I plan to use, and refer Magnolia Property Consultants every chance I get.”

Linda M – Landlord

“Benjamin did the initial inspection of a “down to the studs” redo and provided a thorough report on the house. Because of some major issues I had him return for a follow up during the closing walk through. He stood firm with his assessment with the HVAC solution so that the problem was solved. Easy to schedule, excellent report, very professional.”

Make Scheduling an inspection easier with the Magnolia Home Inspections app!

Home inspection, meet technology! Now, real estate professionals can schedule inspections with the touch of a button. Download the Magnolia Home Inspections app and check our availability and schedule an inspection with the press of a button. No coordinating schedules, calling back and forth to firm up a time, etc. Our app updates in realtime, so any time slot that is available on the app is available for YOU. Schedule the inspection while you chat with your client. It’s that easy!


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About The Author Benjamin HammondBenjamin Hammond has been in the construction industry for over 20 years and has personally completed over 3,000 home inspections in Nashville & Middle Tennessee. His team at Magnolia Home Inspections, is a trusted local resource providing consulting services for new construction builders, remodel contractors and property managers today as well as residential home buyers.


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