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“We’re proud to be a top home inspector choice for Realtors throughout Greater Nashville,” said Hammond, owner of Magnolia Home Inspections. “We are getting great intel on the real state of the area real estate market from agents that are having success closing deals for buyers down in the trenches.”

Lack of supply and price growth mean that homes that are for sale are getting hit by multiple offers very quickly, and sellers are enjoying the fruits of a hot housing market. Winning buyers and their Realtors are often the ones willing to pay a premium for the home with an offer that waives home inspection contingencies.

We’re honored to be featured in a podcast by Nashville Realtor Jacob Jones of MW Real Estate.

[quoter background=”” scheme=”light” author=” Hammond” text=”Those without a home inspection contingency are now often bringing in a home inspector after closing to build a laundry list of repairs to take care of now & in the future.”]

If market conditions have “forced” you to buy a home without the inspection contingency, you can schedule a home inspection using our easy online system. We also give you a free instant quote, in case you are still in the planning phase. The home inspection takes several hours and you should plan on attending. We’ll highlight and explain issues as we come across them, and will deliver a 30+ page interactive report with photos and explanations. Here is a sample home inspection report.

Nashville’s New Construction Market – Ripe for Defects

Other homebuyers frustrated with resale home inventory are buying new home construction. There has been a surge in the number of new homes that we have been doing inspections for since the start of the new year. A new home or new condo’s home inspection report is usually much longer and more comprehensive than the report for a home that has been lived in for 5 – 10 years. This blog post explains why you need a new construction home inspection or professional builder warranty home inspection in Nashville.

[quoter background=”” scheme=”light” author=” Hammond” text=”The new construction home inspection is proving to be a vital resource for Realtors and their buyers that are choosing new homes. Nashville’s high volume building conditions create the perfect landscape for new home defects.”]

Top Home Inspectors for Greater Nashville

Area Realtors and their homebuyers have relied on Magnolia Home Inspections for inspections on over 3,000 area home purchase transactions. We have 20+ years of direct contracting and construction experience in addition to our home inspection experience, and it allows our team to dig deep in the inspection of the home you are purchasing (or have already purchased).

Our inspectors are here to give you peace of mind in your home purchase, so that you can buy with confidence.

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