Personalized Realtor App – Finally, the control you desire, at your fingertips.

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Realtors can now schedule home inspections with the click of a button.

Have you ever wanted to see a home inspector’s schedule before coordinating a time with your client, the seller and buyer’s agent?

Not only is that possible, you can now reserve a spot while making those phone calls with your personal scheduling app from Magnolia Home Inspections.

Make Scheduling an inspection easier with the Magnolia Home Inspections app!

Home inspection, meet technology! At last, real estate professionals can schedule inspections with the touch of a button. Download the Magnolia Property Inspection app and check our availability and schedule an inspection with the press of a button. No coordinating schedules, calling back and forth to firm up schedules, etc. Our app updates in realtime, so any time slot that is available on the app is available to schedule. Schedule the inspection while you chat with your client. It’s that easy!

The Benefits Include:

  1. Easy Access: Right from your mobile phone
  2. Stay Connected: One touch call or email you or your office
  3. Simplicity: Realtors/Agents can update your own information
  4. No Hassle: View previous inspection reports
  5. Quickly view Inspector availability
  6. Best of all: ORDER AN INSPECTION

The concept of RED (Real Estate Dashboard) is for the Agent to be able to view availability and order and inspection with as few clicks as possible.

Reach out to Magnolia by phone or via our contact us page, today. Our office team will send out your personal link to the Magnolia app!  

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