Magnolia Property Consultants combines years of inspection experience with technically advanced equipment to evaluate the visible and accessible interior and exterior structure of the home, as well as its systems and components. We believe open communication is key, so be prepared to learn a great deal about the structural properties of a home, as well as the importance of architectural design, and the necessary level of quality workmanship that must be met for all of these systems to function properly.

Your written report from our Nashville home inspector will include visible defects that were seen on the day of the inspection from our home roof inspection, exterior and interior inspections, electrical inspection, septic inspection, and more, listed in an easy-to-read, home inspection checklist format.

All of my clients are offered free 45 minute consultation after the home inspection, usually in person or by phone. I will talk with you candidly about the need for immediate home repair, future house maintenance expectations, and faulty construction concerns that might warrant the review of a structural engineer.

There’s a lot that goes into our high-quality home inspections, and its why more buyers are choosing Magnolia. If you’d like to see more about what goes in to a septic inspection, roof inspection, or other Nashville home inspection service, please download this free sample report.

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