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World-Class App-Driven Infrared Scan (IR) Technology

Magnolia includes a FREE Infrared Scan on all home inspections to uncover ‘red flags’ that would otherwise remain hidden. An Infrared (IR) scan is a noninvasive inspection technique utilizing an infrared camera to measure electromagnetic radiation, invisible light waves that exist above the color red on the light spectrum.

Experienced and Certified Professionals

All Magnolia home inspectors receive thermographer training and certification through the Infraspection Institute.

Reduce Your Risk Of A fire

FREE with every home inspection

And Reduce Your Risk Of A fire due to bad electrical wiring.

Professional Infrared Scan Technology

Although Magnolia utilizes the best infrared equipment available, results from the equipment cannot be properly interpreted without professional training.

Did You Know?

Radon is the number one cause
of lung cancer among non-smokers
Deaths Per Year Caused
by Radon Gas
Of these deaths occur among people
who have never smoked

Infrared Scan Professionals Saving Lives

Don’t Wait! Reduce Your Risk Of A fire

Book Now Starting From $395

And Reduce Your Risk Of A fire due to bad electrical wiring.


Why is an Infrared Scan necessary?

Identifying one of the nation’s leading causes of residential fires, bad electrical wiring as the result of an Infrared Scan during an inspection is extremely important and the reason we offer this service for FREE!

During an Infrared Scan, the infrared camera observes a large square footage area of walls, floors and ceilings. We are able to quickly detect heat anomalies, differences in heat signatures, that require further investigation. These anomalies are invisible to the naked eye without the use of an infrared camera.

What are Infrared anomalies?

A heat signature anomaly can be both hot or cold. A ceiling in a living room with a cold spot could be an indication of missing insulation or water moisture that is cooling the surface. A wall in the dining room with a hotspot could be an indication of an electrical wire that is heating up as the result of a short circuit or an overload of power.


Significant Defects discovered with Infrared Scan:


Bad Electrical Wiring: 

  • Elevated temperatures from an overloaded beaker, over-powered wiring, or overloaded light switch

Poor Insulation:

  • Missing ceiling insulation contributes to high monthly electric bills
  • Higher maintenance bills from an unnecessary additional load to your HVAC system
  • Poor insulation is the primary cause of ice dams

Water Leaks: 

  • Wood rot and mold growth occurs as the result of sustained high moisture levels
  • Failed water heater
  • Leaks in plumbing supply and drain lines
  • Roof repairs or roof replacement

Duct leakages:

  • Higher heating and cooling costs as the result of inefficient duct installation
  • Higher maintenance bills from an unnecessary additional load to your HVAC system

What Our Clients Say About Us

"Reliable and thorough, Magnolia Home Inspections did a great job helping prepare me as a buyer of a 100 year old home. I felt so much more comfortable and knowledgable purchasing my new-to-me home after their inspection. They also offer package deals that save money– a very appreciated perk during a very expensive process."

Polly Palmer
Happy Customer

"Magnolia was absolutely amazing! From booking the inspection to receiving the final report, Magnolia made the process easy! Our inspector had the report prepared and in our hands the same day, allowing us to get it to the builder! Highly recommend Magnolia for any home inspection. Appreciate your hard work!"

Taylor Skelton
Happy Customer

"Luke and Brandon both helped us out with our inspection, and they couldn’t be more kind and professional! When it came time to review our house notes, Luke explained everything to us in an easy to understand way, and said that he’d be happy to chat further if we need an explanation on anything once we received the report."

Lo Allen
Happy Customer
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