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Home Inspections For Buyers

Our experience and extensive training in providing home inspections for buyers is at your service. All Clients receive a written report with detailed photographs documenting the inspection, which tell a story about the strengths and weaknesses of a property. The purpose of our Nashville Home Inspection Service is not to recommend nor dissuade you from purchasing a property, but to use our home inspection, mold inspection and water testing results to inform you of any major defects, or minor issues that may lead to expensive issues in the future. Performing a home inspection before buying often reveals maintenance recommendations and safety hazards that would otherwise have gone overlooked. Trust Magnolia professional inspection services before committing to your next long-term investment.

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Home Inspections For Sellers

The seller of a home needs to perform an inspection too! Why wait until a home inspector representing the buyer’s interests arrives at your door to investigate your property? In negotiations, more information is always better, stay ahead of the curve by investigating your own property, so you can reach your asking price without obstacles. Unlike the rush of home inspections for buyers, this inspection can be scheduled at a time convenient to you, and can be completed even before your property hits the market. Give yourself the seller’s advantage, trust Magnolia.

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Home Inspections include:

Roof Inspection

Our home inspector will walk on all roofs when it is safe and conditions permit

Exterior Inspection

Our Nashville home inspector will check a representative number of windows

Attic Inspection

Heating and Cooling Inspection

Describes the energy source and heating method

Electrical Inspection

Our home inspector will test a representative number of receptacles, switches and light fixtures

Interior Inspection

Chimney and Fireplace Inspection

There’s a lot that goes into our high-quality home inspections, and its why more buyers are choosing Magnolia. If you’d like to see more about what goes in to a septic inspection, roof inspection, or other Nashville home inspection service, please download this free sample report.

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