Home Inspection: The Typical Cost of Repairs

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Lots of homebuyers ask us at the end of the home inspection:  “What will it cost to fix all this?”

We’ve compiled basic information and typical cost ranges for the home repairs that we run into during our home inspections. We have 20+ years of contracting experience in Nashville in addition to having performed thousands of home inspections, and are happy to give you an unbiased summary of costs to expect.

Some items that we find are easily solved by a skilled handyman. Other items that show up on the inspection report are best left to tradespeople licensed to work in the particular category (i.e. HVAC or structural engineers). You should also be aware that the costs of lumber, plywood and other raw materials have increased in the last few years, and that experienced contractors can account for and explain these changes to costs in their estimates.

If you don’t already have a contractor or contractors in mind, just ask your home inspector! We’ve built our own trusted local network of contractors that can help you — these are all companies we’ve met while being the home inspector on over 3,000 Nashville area homes.

How much are repairs costs from defects found in a home inspection?

  Here are Typical Cost of Repairs in Nashville

Foundation repairs: These repairs are the most significant and can be the most costly ranging from $2,050 to more than $35,000. Soil conditions and limited access will reduce or increase the cost of repairs.  If your home inspector recommends review by a structural engineer, make this call as soon as possible as the repair costs may significantly alter the value of the property

Microbial and Mold: Treating microbial growth in crawlspaces is a very common recommendation in Middle Tennessee and is now a standard service completed by our Pest Control Vendor.  Typical cost $720 to $1,100

Mold remediation inside the home is comparatively very costly with estimated damages between $6,200 to over $30,000. Mold remediation in ducts, walls, attics, etc. can cost up around $6,200. Structural damage as the result of ignored mold growth can cost between $10,000 to well-over $30,000 to repair, requiring multiple contractors.

Plumbing: Although the majority of plumbing issues in a home inspection report will be considered of a handyman repair nature, these can quickly add up to over $2,000. Significant repairs required as the result of a sewer scope video will start at a minimum cost of $3,550 and could increase to $8,000 depending on the depth and length of the line in need of replacement.  These same costs apply to replacement of galvanized plumbing.

Electrical: Older homes still exist with original knob and tube wiring with replacement cost ranging between $10,000 and $15,000. Electricians typically have a minimum charge of $275 for half a day of work to repair a handful of home inspection report issues.  Other significant repairs include replacement of an electrical panel and typically range from $1,500 to $2,200. Remember: All electrical repairs are recommended to be completed by a licensed electrician!

HVAC: Repairs to HVAC equipment can quickly become a big ticket item with costs ranging between $1,710 and $13,300 Home inspection reports often recommend tune-ups and that service fee from a technician usually runs between $350 and $700.

Windows: Windows defects are very common and the repair costs of a single window sash can be around $147 with full window replacement around $315 each.  Keep in mind that a 2,250sf house full of windows in need of replacement can easily be budgeted around $34,000.

Roof: Simple roof repairs can be quickly completed with a minimum charge typically around $250.  However, storm damage can quickly escalate that cost with a full roof replacement from $8,000 to over $24,000 on larger homes.  It is very important that your home inspector complete a thorough evaluation of the roof!

Which home inspection service is best for you?

Give us a call if you have questions about your home inspection and the level of detail that goes into our reports. Also, check out the rest of our blog and our various resources on the home inspection.

When you do hire Magnolia Home Inspections for your home inspection, you’ll get your comprehensive report back within one business day. We provide a full interactive report with photos that is very easy to read and use. It can be provided to your seller’s realtor and the seller very easily.

A large number of local Realtors rely upon us for their clients’ home inspections, and often send their homebuyers our way. We recommend you schedule your home inspection with us as soon as you are under contract. Believe it or not, we often have availability first thing Monday mornings to be out at the home you are purchasing. Schedule now.

We encourage you to do as much research as you can, and then, still call us first with your questions!  Remember, a home inspector is a consultant that is advising you on one of the largest investments you will make in your lifetime.

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