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Create a Repair Addendum in Under an Hour: Technology meets Professionalism

Ask any realtor and they will tell you one of the more tedious parts of the home buying process is the creation of a Repair Addendum. Traditionally, this process involves a cumbersome experience for both the realtor and the buyer. Dealing with document transfers, hand-written lists, all while managing a conference call can take time and attention away from your client. What if there was a technology available to reduce the process to less than an hour, eliminating the cutting and pasting, eliminating tedious note taking, even eliminating the additional summit? Well, Magnolia Home Inspections has done that and is offering this amenity with every inspection at no charge!

“When using the CRL application, I catch myself remembering more from the conversation with my client… I remember the context of why a particular issue is so important to them.  Communicating the ‘Why’ of my client to the Listing Agent not only accelerates the negotiation process, it allows me to address my client’s concerns with a much deeper level of service.

– Ross Herblin, The Armstrong Group

The Create Repair List application is quite simply, the easiest and most effective way to create the Repair Addendum. Top-performing Keller Williams realtor Ross Herblin recently shared his experience, “Paperwork is not my strength!  I was very excited to find that the CRL application involved client participation and reduced the time of creating a repair addendum by half. The overall experience of a Magnolia Home Inspection is excellent.  My clients are better informed, with reasonable expectations set by one of the few inspectors with a residential contracting background.  Conversations have already taken place differentiating a repair from an improvement and now the CRL application only focuses those narrowed concerns, preparing me to better defend my client’s position. The whole process provides the best service possible to my clients only resulting in more referrals.”


Can the buyer and agent work on the Request List simultaneously?
Yes. CRL will record who adds which items and also if someone removes or makes an edit to an item.

My state has a specific form for their Addendum…
That is correct — for all states there are different forms and we are not replacing them. On every form there is usually limited space for a list, so most agents type “See Attached list”. Our feature creates the insert for them to include with their Addendum.

Is the inspector involved in the request list?
No. You can share it with your inspector if you want to, but otherwise they do not see it.

Can I save the results or share it with the seller or seller’s agent?
Yes, at the end of the process you can send the list by email to anyone you like.



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