11-Month Warranty – A Must Have for New Construction Home Owners

Benjamin Hammond
Benjamin Hammond

Imagine that you’ve just moved into a newly constructed or remodeled home in Nashville, constructed by a builder or developer. From the outside, the house looks fabulous, exactly as it had been promised. But after a couple weeks or months of living there, you begin to notice issues. Perhaps these are cosmetic – trim moldings begin to separate at joints from poor installation, hardwood flooring is not performing as expected. Or perhaps the issues are more structural – doors no longer close properly, cracks in drywall have developed over window frames.

According to Tennessee State Law, builders are required to uphold a 12 month warranty on their work. The State of Tennessee holds that builders have an implied duty to perform services required by their contract with homeowners in a skillful, careful, diligent and workmanlike manner, even without a written agreement.

Most individuals look at warranties as a mental safety net and home-buyers rarely exercise their right to corrections in workmanship. You deserve to maximize the benefit of your warranty with a post-purchase, 11-month Warranty Inspection by Magnolia Property Consultants. Schedule today for the flat-rate fee of $325.

How it works
We encourage our clients to schedule this inspection around 11 months after taking ownership, allowing the builder/contractor to make repairs before the end of your warranty period. A trained, certified home inspector with a construction background will come to your home to create a punchlist of items using the Residential Performance Guidelines created by the National Association of Home Builders. A full inspection will be performed and you will be provided a report, full of color photos and descriptors in PDF format that can easily be forwarded to your builder. We ask that you meet your inspector at the home with a list of concerns you have already noticed and be prepared to spend about 20 minutes walking through the home to review these items with your inspector.

Most builders have your have your best interests in mind and want you to be happy with the home they have built. Magnolia’s process only helps these builders provide the best product possible for your long-term enjoyment of home ownership. Sit back and allow Magnolia Home Inspections to make this possible before your warranty expires!

Still unsure on the 11 month warranty home inspection? We found a drainpipe that was never connected and would have caused major wood rot and possibly the replacement of the front door when finally discovered, if not for the 11 month warranty inspection.  The contractor agreed to full responsibility after inspection and is currently making repairs. In this case, the 11 month warranty inspection saved this home owner thousands of dollars!


About The Author Benjamin HammondBenjamin Hammond has been in the construction industry for over 20 years and has personally completed over 3,000 home inspections in Nashville & Middle Tennessee. His team at Magnolia Home Inspections, is a trusted local resource providing consulting services for new construction builders, remodel contractors and property managers today as well as residential home buyers.


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