Realtor Spotlight: Robby Stone

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How did you come to choosing real estate as your career and how long have you been serving Nashville?

I’ve lived in Nashville for a little over 7 years now and have been a Realtor for a little over a year and a half.  After holding a variety of jobs through the years, real estate felt like a very natural move for me.  My own home-buying experience was a huge push for me to dive in fully, and I’ve loved it thus far!

When helping someone select their home, what is your favorite part of the process? ex: showings, the thrill of negotiating, handing over the keys, etc.

 I think every agent would agree that closing day is a pretty great moment.  It’s that point where both buyers, sellers, and agents can breathe a sigh of relief and truly enjoy the moment.  The hurdles have been crossed, and the celebration is finally allowed to begin!  In that final signature (after many, many signatures) you can see every emotion and sense of pride that have been bubbling below the surface in clients.  What can seem like a whirlwind dream is finally reality!

Are there specific areas of the city you serve? What are some things you love about helping people find homes in these areas?

Though I’ve served clients from Smyrna to Bellevue, the urban core is definitely my area of expertise.  And if we’re gonna get really specific, then East Nashville/ Inglewood is my hyper-focus area.  I love the culture of East Nashville and the community mindset of those who call it home.  There’s also such amazing architectural history sprinkled throughout the neighborhood that spans all styles.

What advice do you have for Clients preparing to purchase a home in Nashville?

Get with a lender NOW!  Having your finances in order and learning ways to improve your financial state in order to assist in buying a home is key.  The first person I send my buyers to is a lender because there’s really not much one can do prior to having a good grasp on what they’re able to afford.

We all know Nashville has some pretty amazing food and attractions. What are your own Top 3 local secret or not-so-secret Nashville spots you recommend a client stop in to once they purchase a home from you here?

Three?!?!  Oh geez.  This could be tough.  If you want to find me, stop by Dose Cafe and Dram Bar in Inglewood’s Riverside Village.  It might as well be my office, and the people, food, and drink are always great!  Lockeland Table is hard to beat for a tucked away, higher end dining experience.  Make a reservation as it fills up quickly!  Finally… I can’t leave out Mas Tacos in East Nashville.  This hole in the wall spot has been a favorite for years, and you’ll know why once you visit (just remember to bring cash – no cards accepted here).

What does your dream house look like & where would it be located?  

This is tough for me and probably other agents considering we see SO many types of homes in our career.  Each style and design have a draw, and I find that I no longer know what in the world my “dream home” would look like.  For now, my “urban farmhouse” style, white frame, full front porch home on a hill in Inglewood fits the bill pretty perfectly!

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