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″Benjamin and Magnolia Properties came highly recommended and he did not disappoint. He was thorough and detailed and made the inspection process seamless and easy. I would highly recommend his services to others and will for sure be using him on future inspections.″ — Luke A.

″Magnolia Property Consultants inspected our new construction home. The inspector did a thorough job and pointed out several things that we were not qualified to identify. The builder has corrected the issues, and we feel confident in moving into our new house.″ — Lynn R.

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Best-In-Class Nashville Home Inspection Services

Our experience and training is at your service. Clients recieve a written report with detailed photographs which tell a story about the strengths and weaknesses of a property. The purpose of our Nashville Home Inspection Service is not to recommend nor dissuade you from purchasing a property, but to use our home inspection, mold inspection and water testing results to inform you of any major defects, or minor issues that may lead to expensive issues in the future, maintenance recommendations and safety hazards.

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Seller’s need inspections too!

Why wait until a home inspector representing the buyer’s interests arrives at your door to investigate your property? Stay ahead of the curve by investing in reaching your asking price without obstacles. Unlike the rush of home buying, this can be scheduled at a time convenient to you before your property even hits the market.

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Are you purchasing a home with a septic system. Are you wary of what might have been flushed down your new plumbing during the construction process? Schedule a Sewer Scope Inspection with us and have a licensed master plumber run a camera down the sewer line to inspect for obstructions or roots.

We work with a professional Soil Scientist and are able to schedule and perform inspections (with a Septic Letter for FHA requirements) within an average of 10 days. Take care of your FHA inspection requirements with a single phone call! Schedule Now.

We test for Radon according to EPA standards required for real estate transactions. The laboratory results of those test are provided to our clients within 72 hours of the test completion. These tests are a minimum of 48 hours and do require that “Closed Building Conditions” be maintained in the home for the testing period (and 12 hours prior if only 48 hours of data is to be collected). All inspections, reports and test results are for the use of our Clients only.

Please read our Radon Information section for more inforormation.

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Congratulations on the decision to buy a home! I'm exited about the opportunity to help you navigate the world of home buying. As your inspector I lean on 11 years of remodel-contracting experience to help identify potential problems and set realistic maintenance associated with the property. I've been hands-on with similar homes to those I inspect — performing complete renovations, interior and exterior overhauls of older homes, and re-wiring and re-plumbing whole-house systems.

I'm confident in helping you make the most informed decision possible. I am willing to climb higher, crawl further, and talk with you longer so you get the best home inspection service available in Nashville. You will have my personal phone and can contact me at any time throughout the process. Every inspector at Magnolia has similar competencies with a strong background in construction to provide you the service and professional perspective you deserve.

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